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Riyaaz Amlani, M.D., Impresario Hand made Restaurants and President of National Restaurant Association of India – Ravi has in painstaking detail taken on the rather daunting challenge of providing an invaluable step by step companion to the art and science of the restaurant business in India. Read it before you sign your lease.
Kamlesh Barot, Director (VIE Hospitality) and Past President (FHRAI & HRAWI) – It was an arrestive experience for me to read your authored guide, “Restaurant Startup”.
My family, being in this field for close to seven decades, till date having started close to a hundred plus outlets and with an archive of close to the same number of books on this subject, your 3rd edition of the guide in a sheer blood red title smothered on a black cover raised my expectations for its content.
What intrigued me was the “Sample Project Summary” chapter’s “Working Capital per month” computation. I have not seen a book yet with so many relevant articles and appendices within the Indian context, as you have penned. The “Agreements, Licenses and Permissions” from my Association’s view point, would have been a table of the 112 licenses, but you have presented it in a very lucid manner.
By far the haut monde guide on my shelf! Obliged.
Kunal Vijayakar, Food Show Host and Writer – The mortality rate for fledgling restaurants is dismal. If there’s a new restaurant opening everyday, there is one closing every two days. What you need is a practical guide that can show you the pitfalls, and point you in the right direction. Ravi Wazir does exactly that in this book.
For anyone who wants to start a restaurant, this book is eye-opening, insightful, and simply explained, albeit in great detail. This is a must-read even before you dream your dream.
Vernon Coelho, President (Western India Culinary Association) & Head of Department - Food Production (IHM, Mumbai) – Brilliantly structured.... Must be made compulsory reading for students of hospitality and potential entrepreneurs. Lists practical advice and pitfalls to avoid.
Vikram Kamat, Director, Kamat Hotels Ltd. – An extremely honest, and as the title says, practical book for restaurants past, present and future.
It covers all aspects of a restaurant ecosystem from Planning, Financing, to Operations.
Filled with practical insights and experience, it is evident that Ravi is not one of the consultants who’s interested in just taking the client’s money, but really genuinely concerned and wants his clients to succeed.
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Julisah Kasman, Food & Beverage Manager at Moevenpick Hotel Deira – We’ve all heard of instances when even experienced restaurateurs have failed and people with no experience in the industry have succeeded in their venture.
To understand clearly on how you can/will succeed in your venture, “Restaurant Startup: A Practical Guide” by Ravi Wazir, was written through the author’s own personal experience after spending many years in the industry.
In a nutshell, this is an “idiot proof” guide for anyone who has the financial capacity, but not the experience and knowledge of restaurants and/or uses it as a reference.
Chef Manu Chandra, Olive Beach, Monkey Bar, The Fatty Bao – If only Ravi had written this book a decade ago, I may not have had to spend all these years figuring the restaurant business out. It should be made mandatory in Hotel Management Schools.
K.V.Simon, CHA Emeritus – Ravi’s STARTUP goes above and beyond, and will certainly help any entrepreneur to STAYUP in the Restaurant biz. If profitability is the fruit expected, Ravi gives so very many Practical Guidelines to enhance PRODUCTIVITY which is the root of sustaining a successful investment.
Chef Vineet Bhatia, Chef Patron Rasoi by Vineet, London Michelin Starred – The prospect of setting up one’s own food business is just so exciting and oh the buzz! But the reality is, the restaurant business is one of the toughest businesses of all, it is an ambitious undertaking! An undertaking that one must take with good planning and like other business the key goal must be to make money in order to survive and be able to continue to showcase his/her passion.
“Restaurant Startup: A Practical Guide” helps you understand what it takes to succeed in the food business and explains in simple terms all the steps that you need to take. It is an easy-tożdigest guide that shows your food business doesn’t need to be an extremely complex operation to be successful but a more streamlined one! I would go a step further and include this as a part of the curriculum in Hotel Management Schools.
Shirin Batliwala, Consultant (Hospitality, Food and Beverage) – Young and aspiring entrepreneurs will find this book to be an excellent source of information on the many and complex matters to be considered when starting a restaurant.
The book covers varied subjects from financing to licencing and is a useful guide.
Shatbhi Basu, American Whiskey Ambassador (India) and Director, Stir Academy of Bartending – “Restaurant Startup: A Practical Guide” is a book every professional in the hospitality industry must read. Not just entrepreneurs looking for new avenues of investment or a slice of glamour. If they take the time do so, they will become more inspired, better professionals and will wake up to the blistering reality of being current and aware of hard truths.
As a trainer and consultant myself, I think Ravi has brought out the truth on manpower planning and retaining quite effectively. “You’re only as good as the people you hire” - is something every intelligent professional should aspire towards. Salut!
Rohinton Rabady, Head Operations, Harry’s India Pvt. Ltd. – This Practical Guide to starting up a Restaurant in our present day milieu is hugely well-informed and structured. Ravi brings his passion and ample, well-rounded experience to bear and gives the entrepreneur a step by step handbook detailing conceptualization, menu planning, manpower, etc.
This book is a great tool for the newbie as well as the not-so-newbie.

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