© Ravi Wazir, 2020

From the Author


I’ve been in this field since 1988 – working with restaurants, fast food outlets, catering services, hotels... Also, travelling fairly widely has given me the opportunity to study international styles of food presentation and attitudes of work.

Over the years I have met an amazing number of people from diverse backgrounds who, regardless of their personal wealth and success, dream of setting up a restaurant one day.

This information has been compiled with the intention of serving as a guide, reducing the learning curve of potential restaurateurs, and encouraging entrepreneurs on the verge of considering such an endeavour. I hope you like it.

I owe my knowledge to the many brilliant minds of entrepreneurs and colleagues with whom I’ve had the privilege of working and sharing experiences.

I would like to gratefully acknowledge the suggestions and editorial contributions made by my wife Seema, my friend Dr. A.V.S. Prasad and most importantly by my brother Chirag, without whom this project would never have been brought to a successful conclusion.

The first hard-copy version of this book titled Showtime was published by English Edition in 2005. This version is significantly revised. Please feel free to send me your suggestions & comments at raviwazir@gmail.com