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Sample Project Summary

Name of Business: Mongolian Barbecue                                                 Date: 30-April-2012

Principal Owner: Mr. Ravi Wazir

Statement of Purpose: We are a restaurant business engaged in the service of Mongolian food on the premises and may also provide a party catering service and home delivery. Beer may be served at the discretion of the management.

Explanation of Purpose: A study of the restaurant boom in Mumbai today reveals the mushrooming of a number of medium to large (60 to 100 covers and above) size restaurants in the city. The trend is to adapt an international cuisine to the Indian palette, but a Mongolian restaurant could retain its authenticity and still be very well-suited to Mumbai. Pioneering this cuisine in the city would hence be advantageous.

Achieving the Experience


Service: The guest would personally take his selected combination from the buffet to be cooked by the chef himself. This would be done on a large griddle located in the dining area itself.

Ambience: Wooden panelling with bright and cheery wall colouring and lighting. A sprinkling of genuine Mongolian artifacts and painting would adorn the niches and walls. The ambience of the place would basically be lively and centred around a local Mongolian chef displaying his cooking skills.

Market Analysis: This averagely priced meal is targeted at the young family market. The opportunity to “select your own ingredients” would appeal to the adventurous spirit of this customer group, and one could display a list of suggested recipes for conventional guests. Such a participative food-related activity would certainly delight the guests and bring them back for more!

Business Location: The acceptance of a wide variety of cuisines in the suburbs and relative space availability makes the suburbs a natural area of choice. Let us consider a space requirement of approximately 2000 sq.ft. with around 80 to 90 covers. The minimum back of the house operational areas such as kitchen, stores, office etc. would need to be present on site. Additional space may be considered in cheaper premises in the vicinity.

Professional services Name, Address & Telephone No.
Licensing agents 
Architect cum interior designer 
Civil Engineer 
Recruitment consultants 
Security services 
Kitchen layout consultant 

Special Equipment Required: Griddle of 5-foot diameter based on a steel framework or a cement construction. A gas pipe grid underneath would fuel the plate. Special permission may be required for this apparatus.

Hours of operation: Timings would be 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. covering lunch and dinner service. Annual holidays would need to be defined in advance based on practicality, for example on Ganpati immersion as few people venture out, or a yearly staff picnic on a relatively slow weekday.

Projected Financials

Projected Financials

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